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Saturday, July 01, 2006

My apartment

So, after two weeks of staying in a hotel, I finally moved into my apartment yesterday.
So, I don't know any artful way to explain it, so I'll just say it: it's small.
By small, I mean:
1) From anywhere in my apartment, you can see everywhere in my apartment.
2) The air conditioner (and having air conditioning is a huge gigantic perk) cools the entire place down in less than five minutes, so I guess my concerns about the energy bill are unfounded.
3) My bathroom is... my shower? It's hard to explain if you've never seen such a thing before. The shower head is connected to the sink. The water goes down a drain in the floor in between my sink and the toilet. You can sit on the toilet while you're taking a shower. Miraculously (and it's clearly a miracle because I cannot understand the physics that allows this to happen), the toilet paper stays dry, even though nothing else does. Some very intelligent Korean engineer came up with this, I know.
4) My closet is in the kitchen.

Really though, it's a very comfortable room. It's reasonably new, it's clean-ish, and it's all brand new furniture in there. A few ferns here and there and it will be completely livable. Tomorrow they are coming to set up the internet connection, so I will finally be able to upload the pictures off my laptop so you guys can see what stuff looks like here.


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