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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In which I destroy the souls of children

I made two little kids cry today. In one class. Within ten minutes of each other.
"Kian, you monster!" you're thinking. "You fiend! How could you?"
More accurately, how couldn't I? It doesn't take very much to make these kids cry. They cry over anything and nothing, and they'll keep crying, forever, until lunch.
For example, the first student I made cry was a little girl. I asked her a question, and because she's shy, she mumbled her answer under her breath. I asked her to repeat it, louder, but she wouldn't. Instead, one of the girls sitting next to her did. So I said, "No, you. Louder please." Tears welled up, but I thought maybe I was imagining them since there is no way that could have made her cry. Wrong!
I have this little trick to make the girls talk louder, and that's to ask them to scream at the top of their lungs. Usually it takes two or three tries before this is anything above a whisper, but afterwards they have a much better idea of what I mean when I ask them to talk louder. And it's fun. Who doesn't want to scream in class?
So I tried it with the whimpering girl. And then she cried.

The second kid to cry, a cute little boy, was a little more justified, but barely. There's a 'punishment' we use in class that's really more of a joke than anything, just to keep people participating. If they are caught not participating, they have to come up to the front of the classroom and write their names in the air with their butts. Most of the kids do it with great fervor and everyone gets a laugh out of it. So, he comes up to the front of the room, looking fine, and then won't shake his butt around for about twenty seconds. And then he cries.

I don't even know how they do it. They go from zero to crying nearly instantaneously. Are all kids like this? I don't remember.


  • you are a monster kiki.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:43 PM  

  • i'm pouring my eyes out right now

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:57 PM  

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